Attitude and practices of postpartum women on herbal medicine use during pregnancy

Fatemeh Abdollahi (IR)

Adolescent-Mothers Communication on Reproductive Health;

Fatemeh Abdollahi (IR)

Traditional Nutritional Practices of Postnatal Women in Iran

Fatemeh Abdollahi (IR)

The role of melatonin in the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome and its relationship with anovulation

Yulia Absatarova (RU)

The experience of using melatonin in the complex treatment of women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Yulia Absatarova (RU)

Myoma in the reproductive age. Reconstructive surgery, embolization, FUS ablation, alternative methods.

Leila Adamyan (RU)

(AF01) Approaches for endometriosis treatment

Leila Adamyan (RU)

Seroprevalence of brucellosis among women with miscarriage in Zaria Nigeria

Adebiyi Adesiyun (NG)

Prevalence of asymptomatic group B streptococcal infection and antimicrobial sensitivity pattern amongst parturients in Zaria Nigeria

Adebiyi Adesiyun (NG)

The expression of transient receptor potential vanilloid 6 in healthy and preeclamptic human placenta

Changhwan Ahn (KR)

Effects on ICSI outcomes in a group of patients who had two cycles of ICSI with and without carnitines (L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine) and nutrients (Proxeed Women).

Mounir Ajina (TN)

Knowledge of women related to sexuality at postpartum period

Arzu Akpinar (TR)

The Effect of Isotretinoin On Ovarian Reserve

Hüseyin Aksoy (TR)

The effect of perceived social support and marital status on hope in women with infertility

Ahad Alizadeh (IR)

Understanding determinants of unequal distribution of stillbirth in Tehran, Iran

Amir Almasi-Hashiani (IR)

Impact of Gestational Weight Gain on Cesarean Delivery risk, Perinatal Birth Weight and Gestational Age in Overweight and Obese Women

Amir Almasi-Hashiani (IR)

Combined nutraceutical supplementation with equol, resveratrol and quercetin during the menopausal transition: effect on the symptoms and early metabolic changes.

Inbal Amar (IT)

Increased epicardial adipose tissue thickness- an early cardiac risk factor in obese menopausal women with metabolic syndrome

Inbal Amar (IT)

Factors associated with macrosomia among singleton live-birth: A comparison of classification methods

Payam Amini (IR)

Correlation between protamine deficiency (CMA3 (positive) and DNA fragmentation (TUNEL) and other sperm parameters

Houda Amor (DE)

The effect of Cotinine concentration in seminal plasma on semen parameters of patients undergoing ART therapy

Houda Amor (DE)

The influence of hormonal replacement and growth hormone treatment on the lipids in Turner syndrome

Elena Andreeva (RU)

Coronary artery anomalies in Turner Syndrome

Elena Andreeva (RU)

Metaphase II Oocyte grade scoring, based on the combination between the morphological and functional parameters with a high predictive value for fertilization, embryo-kinesis and implantation

Irena Antonova (BG)

Age-related AMH decrease in ART patients

Cesare Aragona (IT)

Ultrasonography reappraisal of tubal patency in ART patients: comparison between 2D and 3D Sonohysterosalpingography. A pilot study.

Cesare Aragona (IT)

Surgical and hormonal treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist and dienogest of infertile women with endometriosis

Natalia Artymuk (RU)

Prevalence and predictive value of HPV DNA for the diagnosis HSIL in high-risk women

Natalia Artymuk (RU)

Placental microRNA expression in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes mellitus and preeclampsia

Olga Arzhanova (RU)

The course of pregnancy after assisted reproductive technology (ART)

Olga Arzhanova (RU)

A comparison between cytology and histology to detect tubal intraepithelial lesion.

Alexandra Asaturova (RU)

Transition to motherhood in the shade of immigration: experiences of Syrian mothers living in turkey

Ruveyde Aydin Aydin (TR)

Adaptation of the barkin scale of maternal functioning and examination of the psychometric properties

Ruveyde Aydin Aydin (TR)

Lichen Sclerosus and Its Common Consequence "Sexual Dysfunction"

Ruveyda Aydin (TR)

Non-Medical Methods for The Treatment of Vulvodynia

Ruveyde Aydin (TR)

Is there a difference between outcomes of the spontaneous natural cycle and hormone replacement treatment in frozen-thawed human embryo transfer?

Turgut Aydın (TR)

Correlation between signaling pathways activation level in eutopic and ectopic endometrium.

Yana Aznaurova (RU)

Early GnRH antagonist administration improves oocyte and embryo quality and reduces embryo cleavage errors

Jessica Azoury (LB)


Letting nature take its course in PPROM20: maternal and event profiles with expectant management.

Isaac Babarinsa (QA)

The experience of infertility: a qualitative research

Narges Bagheri Lankarani (IR)

The role of EMSs parenting origins and coping styles in individuals diagnosed with infertility and their spouse: a case control study

Narges Bagheri Lankarani (IR)

Questionnaire on knowledge of midwives about oral emergency contraception

Dinka Baldani (HR)

Methylation profile of Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases In Endometriosis.

Magdalena Balkowiec (PL)

Effect of oral contraceptives on anti-mullerianhormone levels in young women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Ludmila Barbakadze (GE)

Ovarian Reserve Tests in Different Age Groups of Infertile Women.

Ludmila Barbakadze (GE)

Treatment continuation and satisfaction in women using combined oral contraception with nomegestrol acetate and estradiol: a multicenter, prospective cohort study (Bolero)

Carlo Bastianelli (IT)

Identification of MicroRNAs related to Human MII Oocyte in Reproductive Aging

Rosalia Battaglia (IT)

Breast cancer fear and mammography self-efficacy of women

Figen Baykal Top (TR)

Early prediction of syndrome fetal growth restriction by Insulin-like growth factor.

Vera Belousova (RU)

Polymorphism of the cytokine genes IL-1β, TNF-α, IL-1Rа and preterm birth

Vera Belousova (RU)

Does the pill cause depression?

Johannes Bitzer (CH)

Effective immunomodulating treatment of virus-associated states in gynecology (HPV, HSV, CMV)

Victoriia Bobrytska (UA)

Management of patients with ovarian neoplasias in the postoperative period

Victoriia Bobrytska (UA)

Conservative Surgery in High-Risk Ovarian Cancer: Long-term oncologic outcomes

Giorgio Bogani (IT)

Freeze all strategy: fresh vs frozen-thawed embryo transfer

Andrea Borini (IT)

Lipidomics analysis of blood plasma, peritoneal fluid, ectopic and eutopic endometrium by direct mass spectrometry method in patients with endometriosis.

Anna Borisova (RU)

Vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors in the placenta of gravidas with obesity

Ekaterina Borovkova (RU)

The efficacy and safety of application ulipristal acetate in the treatment of patients with uterine fibroids

Ekaterina Borovkova (RU)

Pregnancy as a risk factor for the progression of metabolic syndrome

Ekaterina Borovkova (RU)

Related Factors and Coping Methods, Dysmenorrhea among University Students

Özgül Bostan (TR)

AMH and ovarian morphology in women with isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Effects of recombinant human FSH.

Helene Bry-Gauillard (FR)

Recurrent endometrioid ovarian formations. features of steroid hormone receptors expression in tissues

Lolita Bulatova (RU)

The endometrial glycodelin expression in the peritoneal infertility

Olha Bulavenko (UA)

Maternal BMI and age as a risk factors of gestational diabetes mellitus (based on IADPSG criteria)

Irina Bunak (RU)

Effect of antioxidant supplementation on sperm parameters in oligo-astheno-teratozoospermia, with and without varicocele: a double blind place controlled (DBPC) study

Gian Maria Busetto (IT)


Molecular mechanisms of thyroid hormone action during blastocyst implantation

Luisa Campagnolo (IT)

The Impact of Sexual Abuse of the Teenagers during Highschool

Mário Cardoso (PT)

Experiences of Parenting in a Contemporary Context

Mário Cardoso (PT)

Preliminar characterization of mesenchymal stem cells from amniotic membrane (hAMSCs): effect of age and pre-eclampsia

Francesca Carpagnano (IT)

Estrogen enhancement of glucose transporter 4 and insulin receptor substrate 1 expression at both low and high glucose concentrations in SGBS-adipocytes

Vinícius Cestari Do Amaral (BR)


Frank Chervenak (US)

DHEAS -clinical importance – female

Lina Ciaplinskiene (LT)

Post-IVF pregnancy after treatment With Ulipristal Acetate for uterine myomas: a case report.

Federico Cirillo (IT)

Ablation of uterine polyps in treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding

Vesna Cosic (HR)

The influence of vitamin D on conception and pregnancy in Hahsimoto thyroiditis

Vesna Cosic (HR)

Creatsas vulvovaginoplasty during adolescence

George Creatsas (GR)

Preeclampsia, peripartal cardiomyopathy and pulmonary oedema in triplet pregnancy – a case report

Sanja Cuk (BA)

Resistin and adiponectine secretion pattern after GnRH stimulus in patients with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea.

Adam Czyzyk (PL)


Compliance of clinical laboratories with standard recommendations for semen analysis: results of a national survey

Salima Daoud (TN)

Effect of sperm processing by Density Gradient Centrifugation on sperm membrane integrity

Salima Daoud (TN)

Assessment of endocrine factors in Tunisian women with recurrent pregnancy loss

Salima Daoud (TN)

The poor responder in IVF: is the prognosis always poor?

Salima Daoued (TN)

Age and basal FSH: are they predictors of ART outcome?

Salima Daoued (TN)

Immunological aspects of recurrent pregnancy loss

Dorota Darmochwal-Kolarz (PL)

The concentrations of VEGF and its receptor in pre-eclampsia

Dorota Darmochwal-Kolarz (PL)

Recurrent pregnancy loss associated with heredity thrombophilia

Natalia Davidenko (UA)

Menopausal sleep disturbances and pollen based herbal product: comparison among different treatments

Pasquale De Franciscis (IT)

Efficacy of homologous intrauterine insemination (IUI-H) treatments in older women: eleven years of data collection (2005-2015) from the Italian assisted reproductive technologies register (IARTR)

Roberto De Luca (IT)

How to treat sexual dysfunction in gynecologic cancer patients?

Lino Del Pup (IT)

Significance of Estradiol Metabolites in ovarian physiology and reproductive dysfunction

Luigi Devoto (CL)

Angiogenesis in the human corpus luteum. Potential vascular actions of 2-methoxyestradiol

Luigi Devoto (CL)

Platelet-derived growth factor B (PDGFB) improves follicular development and ovarian angiogenesis in a rat model of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Mariana Di Pietro (AR)

MACS technique in ICSI egg donation cycles: does it improve pregnancy and ongoing pregnancy rates?

Viola Di Saverio (IT)

Outcomes of pregnancies coinciding with hodgkin lymphoma

Jelena Dotlic (RS)

Retained trophoblast tissue after first trimester abortion

Jelena Dotlic (RS)

The Impact of Varicocele Correction on Semen Analysis in Infertile Men

Kim Drasa (AL)

The Efficacy of Clomiphene Citrate in Infertile Males

Kim Drasa (AL)

Investigation of placental circulation in prolonged pregnancy using confocal microscopy

Anna Drobintseva (RU)

Verification of kisspeptins and their receptors in fetal hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad axis

Anna Durnova Drobintseva (RU)

Pharmacokinetic characteristics of various doses of vaginal progesterone pessaries in comparison to progesterone vaginal gel

Ingrid Duijkers (NL)

Progesterone for luteal phase support: searching for the optimal dose

Ingrid Duijkers (NL)


Effectiveness of hysteroscopic transcervical resection of uterine septum (HTCRS) in improvement of reproductive outcomes : misurata experience

Aisha Elbareg (LY)

Self-compassion and fear of childbirth among pregnant women

Nülüfer Erbil (TR)

The Relationship Between Sexual Function, Body Image and Body Mass Index Among Pregnant Women

Nülüfer Erbil (TR)

Self-compassion and fear of childbirth among pregnant women

Nülüfer Erbil (TR)

DNA-methylation in uterine myoma

Farida Eseneeva (RU)


Surgical treatment and rehabilitation of patients with сongenital uterovaginal anomalies and concomitant external genital endometriosis.

Kristina Farkhat (RU)

Determination of the proteins Survivin and SMAC level in different types of endometrial hyperplasia

Anna Fedotova (RU)

Metrorrhagia juvenilis and hormonal therapy

Shqipe Fetiu (KO)

Plasma concentrations of tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα) and retinol binding protein 4 (RBP4) as markers of cardiovascular risk in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Grzegorz Franik (PL)

The effect of concentration of anti - Müllerian hormone (AMH) on the development of metabolic disorders in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Grzegorz Franik (PL)


Single-stranded spermatic DNA fragmentation as a predictor of successful conjugal artificial insemination

Emma Garcia Grau (ES)

HPV Clereance after therapeutic conization

Marta Garcia Yuste (ES)

Does the second embryo transfer in DET improve ART results?

Marta Garcia Yuste (ES)

A tissue engineering approach for treating POP using endometrial mesenchymal stem cells

Caroline Gargett (AU)

Differentially expressed genes between human endometrial SUSD2+ mesenchymal stem cells and SUSD2- fibroblasts from women with and without endometriosis

Caroline Gargett (AU)

Metabolic impairment and new therapeutic strategies in PCOS

Alessandro Genazzani (IT)

Targeting metabolic disorders improving CNS-ovarian axis for improved fertility using acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) and L-Carnitine (LC)

Alessandro Genazzani (IT)

Conservative management of advanced cervical ectopic pregnancy

Marzieh Ghafarnejad (IR)

Cervical mucus symptom as a fertility index for achieving pregnancy

Elena Giacchi (IT)

MRI-based 3D patient-specific reconstruction of uterine fibromatosis: impact on surgery

Andrea Giannini (IT)

Patient-specific 3-Dimensional reconstruction of female pelvis from Contrast Enhancement Computed Tomography (CE-CT) for planning and simulation of sacral cervico/colpopexy: feasibility and preliminary data.

Andrea Giannini (IT)

Myoinositol, Metformine and Fertility

Serge Ginter (LU)

Proteomics of follicular fluid: new insight in gonadotrophin signaling and potential translation into clinical practice

Salvatore Gizzo (IT)

Is reproductive microsurgery dead, or has its demise been greatly exaggerated?

Victor Gomel (CA)

What if genetic test fail? There could be a sperm membrane explanation

José Gutiérrez Frusch (MX)


Genomic studies may guide towards prevention of preterm birth

Mikko Hallman (FI)

Progesterone receptor-mediated ADAMTS and MMP3/10 expression in human granulosa cells: the differential role of HIF1A

Soledad Henriquez (CL)

Is body size associated with adherence to an oral contraceptive regimen?

Larissa Huber (US)

Factors associated with postpartum contraceptive use among women who have experienced short birth intervals

Larissa Huber (US)

Preoperative preparation of women with uterine myoma

Liudmila Hutsikava (BY)


Laboratory and instrumental markers of severe neonatal lesions of the CNS in early preterm labor

Irina Ignatko (RU)

Assessment of risk factors for perinatal complications in pregnant women with overweight and obesity.

Irina Ignatko (RU)

Experience of the use of fibrin cryoprecipitate for cesarean section and its influence on the morphofunctional complete-ness of uterine scar.

Irina Ignatko (RU)

Differentiated approach to the examination and treatment of women with threatened miscarriage

Irina Ignatko (RU)

Observational study-Is screening for metabolic parametars necessary for all women with poycystic ovarian syndrome

Bojana Ivic (RS)

Does AMH has the role in different polycystic ovarian syndrome phenotypes

Bojana Ivic (RS)


Evaluation of Factors that Contribute to Satisfaction With Two Types of Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs)

Christian Jamin (FR)

Inherited Thrombophilias in Georgian Women with Unexplained Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Maia Janelidze (GE)

The role of Testosterone Replacement Therapy on Metabolic disorders in Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Androgen Deficiency

Shota Janjgava (GE)

“Challenges in treatment young female patients patients with cancer-optimal approach“

Katarina Jeremic (RS)

Pravastatin improves placental perfusion and decreases umbilical artery vascular resistance in patients with increased umbilical artery pulsatility index

Aleksandar Jurisic (RS)

The efficacy of Ulipristal treatment of uterine fibroids

Zaklina Jurisic (RS)


Mammography self-efficacy and breast cancer fear of nurses

Azize Nuran Kahraman (TR)

Child's condition, who was born form mother with obesity

Liudmila Karakhalis (RU)

The delicate age's problems

Liudmila Karakhalis (RU)

The evaluation of clinical signs and hormone changes in women with hyperandrogenism

Patricija Kasilovska (LT)

Gestational exposure to particulate air pollution alters fetal size, cardiac function, placental morphology and postnatal growth in mice

Kirtan Kaur (US)

The structure, features of the hormonal and psychological status in women with stress – related menstrual disorders.

Nyurzhanna Khadzhieva (RU)

The hormonal and non-hormonal therapy in women with stress-related menstrual disorders.

Nyurzhanna Khadzhieva (RU)

Cytokine and interferon status state in men and women with chronic urogenital infection

Marina Khamoshina (RU)

How long we should treat idiopathic asthenozoospermia with L-carnitine

Aleksandre Khelaia (GE)

Comprehensive treatment of moderate and severe intrauterine adhesions in reproductive age woman.

Patimat Khirieva (RU)

Reproductive healthcare in the digital age: how online healthcare information both shapes and responds to patient expectations

Ron Harman King (US)

Human embryo culture in melatonin contain medium

Konstantin Kirienko (RU)

Implantation rate following frozen embryo transfer in leukemia inhibitory factor supplemented medium.

Konstantin Kiriyenko (RU)

Causative clinical conquest of neo-angiogenesis

Rudolf Klimek (PL)

New molecular pathways for ovarian reserve preservation

Francesca Gioia Klinger (IT)

Are gynecological pathologies tied with female orgasmic dysfunction?

Levan Kobaladze (GE)

The particularly the expression of proliferation markers, angiogenesis of pelvic adhesions in patients with uterine leiomyoma.

Liudmila Kondratovich (RU)

The expression of sPECAM-1 and sVCAM-1 in the genesis of gestational endotheliopathy

Dmytro Konkov (UA)

The features of expression of S-100 in the formation of the medial longitudinal fasciculus at utero development of the fetus

Dmytro Konkov (UA)

The functional features of the ovaries in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and different morphotypes

Dmytro Konkov (UA)

Indication of pro - and anti-inflammatory cytokines as independent predictors of primary dysmenorrhea

Dmytro Konkov (UA)

IVF success rates- how should these be measured and reported

Gab Kovacs (AU)

The Australian IVF Registry: a world first

Gab Kovacs (AU)

Impact of oocyte aging on early stages of embryo development and effectivity of ART.

Anastasia Koval (RU)

Laparoscopic myomectomy: fertility and pregnancy outcomes

Irena Kozachenko (RU)

Combined Treatment of Women with Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy

Andrey Kozachenko (RU)

Effect of gestational hypertension on IVF pregnancy outcomes.

Merita Krasniqi (KO)

Candida spec.infection and imminent abortion.

Burim Krasniqi (KO)

Clinical outcomes of IVF programs using endometrial scratching method for patients with endometrium developmental lagging.

Ksenia Krasnopolskaya (RU)

The impact of Sex Hormones Replacement therapy on metabolic status in Turner syndrome

Ruta Kriksciuniene (LT)

Maternal uterine artery Ad.VEGF-A165 gene therapy improves fetal brain weight and does not adversely affect neurological anatomy in FGR Guinea pigs

Tara Krishnan (AU)

Chromosomal Anomalies in Couples with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL)

Jenaro Kristesashvili (GE)

Sonographic Appearance of Adenomyosis

Sanja Kupesic Plavsic (US)

Role of Ultrasound Simulation in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Survey from a Regional Conference

Sanja Kupesic Plavsic (US)

3D HD and silhouette ultrasound in human reproduction. – new challenge in echography

Asim Kurjak (HR)

Strategy for repeated assisted reproductive technology failures associated w ith hydrosalpinx

Shozo Kurotsuchi (JP)

The infectious and genetic factors in development of premature labor

Vladimir Kuzmin (RU)

Adipokines and reproductive health of obese women

Irina Kuznetsova (RU)

Signaling molecules as markers of endometrial receptivity

Igor Kvetnoy (RU)


Exercise for disease prevention in midlife and beyond

Irene Lambrinoudaki (GR)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and venous tromboembolism

Irina Lapina (RU)

Fertility and longevity

Neri Laufer (IL)

Paraben disrupt ovarian function by inhibiting folliclar growth and steroidogenesis

Jae-Hwan Lee (KR)

Diagnostics and forecasting of reproductive disorders have been associating with genital tuberculosis in women

Olga Leshchenko (RU)

Contraception and reproductive behavior of HIV-positive heterosexual partners of childbearing age

Olga Leshchenko (RU)

Development and conceptual validation of a questionnaire to help choice of contraception: CHLOE (Contraception : HeLping for wOmen’s choicE) questionnaire

Iñaki Lete (ES)

Menstrual symptoms, satisfaction, adherence, health-related quality of life, and depression during monthly-cycle oral contraception among women in the European Union (EU) and the United States (US)

Inaki Lete (ES)

Men’s perception about the inconveniences associated with monthly bleeding for their partner: ISY survey in men

Iñaki Lete (ES)

Do patients and nurses have different preferences for FSH injection devices: A Conjoint analysis in selected European markets

Rachel Levy-Toledano (NL)

Prevalence, severity, associations and risk factors of perimenopausal syndrome, depression and anxiety in Shanghai perimenopausal women: a cross-sectional study

Ruixia Li (CN)

Does using the combined oral contraceptive pill for scheduling in the GnRH antagonist protocol for IVF/ICSI reduce the pregnancy rate?

Hui Lim (GB)

Cycle Control With an Extended-Regimen Oral Contraceptive Combining Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol

Paloma Lobo (ES)

Capacitation culture of human oocytes from small antral follicles improves in vitro maturation outcome

Francesca Lolicato (BE)

Comparison of pregnancy exclusion criteria between women in their earlier and later reproductive years using the Pregnancy Reasonably Excluded Guide (PREG) prior to intrauterine procedures.

Margaret Long (US)

Efficacy of Myo-inositol versus Metformin in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who undergo FIV-ICSI cycles

Irene López Carrasco (ES)

Polymorphism of MTHFR 677 C> T in recurrent pregnancy loss

Tetiana Loskutova (UA)

Multiple thrombophilia gene defects in patients with recurrent pregnancy loss

Tetiana Loskutova (UA)

Factors influencing “perceived social support” in infertile couples undergoing assisted reproductive technologies

Saeedeh Lotfinikoo (IR)

Hope and fertility related quality of life among women undergoing assisted reproductive techniques: possible mediating role of anxiety and depression.

Saeedeh Lotfinikoo (IR)

New possibilities of point of care measurement by VIDAS - Anti-müllerian hormone decline from the beginning of controlled ovarian stimulation to oocyte retrieval

Krzysztof Lukaszuk (PL)


Classification and reproductive surgery of uterovaginal anomalies

Zograb Makiyan (RU)

Low-dose SKA preparation of Progesteron and Interleukin-10 is effective in the modulation of the inflammatory response in an in vitro model of endometriosis

Francesca Mancini (IT)


Antonio Mancini (IT)

The prevalence of anxiety and depression and their related factors among Iranian infertile patients

Saman Maroufizadeh (IR)

Assisted reproductive technology and the risk of preterm birth among singleton live-birth in Tehran, Iran

Saman Maroufizadeh (IR)

Treatment of adnexal masses during pregnancy

Sergei Martynov (RU)

Sperm DNA fragmentation influence on IVF outcomes

Mariia Mazilina (RU)

Long-term consequences of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Blazej Meczekalski (PL)

Endometrial Receptivity Defect in Endometriosis Woman Study: Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1), Matrix Metalo Protein-9 (MMP-9), and Leptin Expression

Eriana Melinawati (ID)

Intrauterine programming of endothelial dysfunction in the genesis of anomalous uterine bleeding in adolescent girls born with low birth weight

Oxana Melkozerova (RU)

Impact of Candidiasis on Human Infertility

Nadja Melo (GB)

Multifollicular ovary, insulin, and insulin resistance in women with menstrual regularity

Jose Alfredo Mendoza Andramuño (EC)


Liselotte Mettler (DE)

Laparoscopic Adnexectomy in a Patient with Coexisting Endometriosis and Teratoma of the Ipsilateral Ovary

Sladjana Mihajlovic (RS)

POI Hormonal traetment options in improving fertility

Sladjana Mihajlovic (RS)

Phenotype of obesity and impact of reproduction

Andrzej Milewicz (PL)

Serum Bisphenol A levels and hormonal and metabolic profile in women with PCOS

Andrzej Milewicz (PL)

Fertility awareness among pre-marriage couples in Iran

Maryam Mohammadi (IR)

Hardiness and Hope in Infertile Couples Undergoing Assisted Reproduction Treatment comparing with oocyte and embryo donation candidates

Maryam Mohammadi (IR)

Subclinical hypothyroidism and infertility: what’s the link?

Mario Montanino (IT)

Use of biosimilar medicines in ART

Giuseppe Morgante (IT)

The mechanism of action of EllaOne: critical issues in EMA official documents

Bruno Mozzanega (IT)

Levonorgestrel Emergency contraceptive pills (LNG-ECPs): their main mechanism of action (MOA) cannot be anti-ovulatory.

Bruno Mozzanega (IT)

Adverse IVF outcome in women with antichlamydial antibodies in sera and follicular fluid

Valeria Muller (RU)

Pancreatic Neoplasms in Pregnancy . Gestation achieved after treatment IVF

Ana María Muñoz Ledesma (ES)

GnRH agonist versus GnRH antagonist in endometrium

Ana María Muñoz Ledesma (ES)

The effect of cissus quadrangularis on bone markers in osteopenia women: a randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial

Olarik Musigavong (TH)


Treatment satisfaction, adherence, and menstrual symptoms among women in five European Union countries using monthly-cycle oral contraception

Rossella Nappi (IT)

Treatment satisfaction, adherence, and menstrual symptoms among women in the United States using extended-cycle and monthly-cycle oral contraception

Rossella Nappi (IT)

Psychological disorders and the sexual quality of life among women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Behnaz Navid (IR)

Correlation of “Etiology of Infertility” with “Satisfaction with Life” and “Mood disorders” in Couples Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Behnaz Navid (IR)

Effects of autologous platelet-rich plasma on implantation and pregnancy in repeated implantation failure: A pilot study

Leila Nazari (IR)

Treatment of thin endometrium with Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma: a pilot study

Leila Nazari (IR)

Abortion from Islamic perspective: Shiite view

Zahra Nemati Aghamaleki (IR)

Recidivant choriocarcinoma metastases after cervical poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma with dominant choriocarcinomatous pattern

Branka Nikolic (RS)

Compare the adverse pregnancy outcome in pregnant women who had first or sccond trimester abnormal screening test with pregnant women who had normal screening

Banafshe Nouri (IR)

Prevalence of infertility among hypothyroid women and evaluation of response to treatment for hypothyroidism on infertility

Elena Roxana Novac (RO)

Structure of causes of acute massive blood loss in term labor

Vladislava Novikova (RU)

The effect of anti-recurrent treatment of uterine fibroid with mifepristone on the state of the mammary glands in women of reproductive age

Vladislava Novikova (RU)


The value of growth hormone co-treatment in IVF/ICSI cycles for “poor responders”

Ksenia Ob'edkova (RU)

Fetus gender on the mood and prenatal attachment of natural pregnant women and those who conceived by assisted reproductive technology

Reza Omani Samani (IR)

The efficacy and safety of dienogest in a reduction of pelvic pain-induced by adenomyosis

Mekan Orazov (RU)


Management of graviditas serotina until 41-42 gestation in 596 patients

Myrvete Paçarada (KO)

Ceramide-1-phosphate (C1P) protects against cyclophosphamide-induced gonadotoxicity in a mouse model

Fernanda Parborell (AR)

Features of molecular and biological processes at adenomyosis

Maryia Paulouskaya (BY)

Ovarian hyperstimulation and how to prevent it

Vesna Pavlović (RS)

Can we improve outcomes focusing on the endometrium?

Antonio Pellicer (IT)

IL-10: a potential marker for endometrial receptivity and pregnancy complications

Boryana Petkova (BG)

Estrogen pretreatment prior to controlled ovarian stimulation. Does It improve IVF outcomes in poor responders as compared to oral contraceptive pill or no pretreatment? Our experience

Sara Pinelli (IT)

Myo-inositol in the Treatment of Teenagers Affected by PCOS

Lali Pkhaladze (GE)

Laparascopic Ovarian Drilling and Demedullation- Different Approaches of Surgical Treatment in PCOS Patients

Lali Pkhaladze (GE)

The impact of cancer related infertility on young women’s personal life

Mihaela Plotogea (RO)

Romanian women’s satisfaction regarding instrumental evacuation versus medical induced abortion

Mihaela Plotogea (RO)

Clinical and morphological features of fibroids in women of reproductive age after previously performed inefficient UAE, MRgFUS ablation and myomectomy.

Irina Porotikova (RU)

Millennial Generation: Challenges in Parenting

Maria Presado (PT)

Post-term pregnancy, a risk factor for neonatal morbidity in singleton pregnancies

Enkeleda Prifti (AL)

Neonatal outcome in IUGR preterm fetuses at our Institution

Enkeleda Prifti (AL)

Two genetic theories on preeclampsia: thrombophilias and endothelial dysfunction. Influence on the severity and prognosis of preeclampsia

Lucia Maria Procopciuc (RO)


Male obesity affects the molecular composition of the motile sperm and alters the pre-implantation embryo morphokinetics.

Georges Raad (LB)

Oxidative status of follicular fluid of infertile women undergoing in vitro fertilization assessed by a new method

Asiyat Rabadanova (RU)

Term pregnancy in uterus bicornis

Mejreme Ramosaj (KO)

Placenta accreta : rate, maternal and neonatal outcomes esperience at Moewardi District Hospital, Surakarta, Indonesia : a prospective study

Affi Ratnasari (ID)

Pharmacological approach for the treatment of myoma: early and long-term outcomes.

Zarina Revazova (RU)

Stem cells in endometriosis: from basic research to new therapeutic approaches

Alberto Revelli (IT)

The presence of membrane-bound progesterone receptor induces growth of breast cancer with norethisterone but not with progesterone: a xenograft model

Xiangyan Ruan (CN)

Study on Human Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation and xenotransplantation in nude mice

Xiangyan Ruan (CN)

Blastocyst collapse: case report and literature review

Maria Ruggiero (IT)

Robot-assisted procedures for advanced apical pelvic prolapse: long term anatomical and functional outcomes

Eleonora Russo (IT)

Sperm features before and after oligo components mixture orally administered or during “in vitro” treatment

Tommaso Russo (IT)

The Dihydrotestosterone autonomous production by human sperm may be involved in the varicocele‑related infertility

Giampiero Russo (IT)


Prospective Analysis On The Effect Of Botanical Medicine (Tribulus Terristrus) On Serum Testosterone Level And Semen Parameters In Males With Unexplained Infertility

Sameh Saleh (EG)

Pilot Study on the Effect of Botanical Medicine (Tribulus terrestris) on Serum Testosterone Leveland Erectile Function in Aging Males With PartialAndrogen Deficiency (PADAM)

Sameh Saleh (EG)

Effects of paroxetine on intravaginal ejaculatory latency time in Egyptian patients with lifelong premature ejaculation as a function of serotonin transporter polymorphism

Sameh Saleh (EG)

Cell Therapy by Mesenchymal Stem Cell Prevents Abortion in Abortion Prone Mouse Model

Amir Salek Farrokhi (IR)

Italian patient and nurses preferences for FSH injection devices: A conjoint analysis

Rainel Sanchez-De La Rosa (ES)

Prepubertal and Adult Ovarian Response to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate: Apoptosis, Proliferation and Nrf2 Activation

Melike Sapmaz-Metin (TR)

Managing subfertility: use of the billings ovulation method as diagnostic tool

Aurora Saporosi (IT)

Fertility Preservation by Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation among Cancer Patients in Italy: a multicentric study in Assisted Reproductive technology (ART) centers.

Giulia Scaravelli (IT)

The Italian National Register: 10 years data collection

Giulia Scaravelli (IT)

Hysterectomy 2017 and Alternatives

John Sciarra (US)

Blastocysts that experience collapses are less likely to implant and generate a pregnancy: a time-lapse study

Romualdo Sciorio (GB)

Bioactive sphingolipid ceramide-1-phophate (C1P) protects against age-related ovarian dysfunction/decline in female mice

Leopoldina Scotti (AR)

Impact of chronic hepatitis B on the sperm quality and male reproductive potential in vivo and in vitro

Afifa Sellami (TN)

Relationship between sperm nuclear chromatin packaging and morphology of the spermatozoa in infertile men

Afifa Sellami (TN)

Anemia and pragnancy

Sahadete Shala (KO)

Placental maternal and fetal vascular circulation in pregnant women with various obesity phenotypes:

Marina Shargorodsky (IL)

Pulse rate measurement during sleep using wearable sensors, and its correlation with the menstrual cycle phases, a prospective observational study

Mohaned Shilaih (CH)

Characterization of sex hormone effect on human preadipocytes differentiation

Jorge Shortrede (IT)

: Role of combined mifepristone and misoprostol verses misoprostol alone in induction of second trimester abortion- A Randomized Comparison between their outcome…

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Cesarean Myomectomy- Evaluation of its safety by prospective observational study.

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Evaluation of laparoscopic management of ovarian cyst- our five years experience...

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Aatypical presentation of an infertile patient with fibroid uterus and recurrent convulsion-rare case report.

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Evaluation of the use versus non use of urinary catheterization during caesarean delivery.

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Carbetocin versus oxytocin in the activanagement of third stage of labour following caesarean section: An open label randomized control trial

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Sirenomelia:The mermaid syndrome-A Rare case report

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Evaluation of thyroid hormone replacement therapy on ovarian volume and androgen hormone in hypothyroid patient.

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Role of combined mifepristone and misoprostol verses misoprostol alone in Induction of Labour in Patients with Intrauterine Foetal Death - A Randomized Comparison between their outcome

Sehereen Siddiqua (BD)

Vanishing Twin Syndrome(VTS)---it’s a reality in IVF Patient.

Sehereen Sidiqua (BD)

Patients with lymphoma show reduced ovarian reserve and worse outcome of ovarian controlled stimulation for fertility preservation when compared with age-matched healthy controls and patients with other malignancies: our experience.

Giovanna Simi (IT)

Successful Conservative Management of 9 weeks Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy with Fetal Heart Activity

Lana Skrgatic (HR)

Somatic MED12 gene mutations in women with burdened anamnesis

Nelli Sogoian (RU)

Psychosomatic disorders in women of reproductive age.

Daria Sokolova (RU)

Promoting fertility preservation in cancer patients: five years experience in “on site” training courses (TC)

Lucia Speziale (IT)

Letrozole or clomiphene citrate as the first-line treatment of infertile women with unovulatory and unexplained infertility

Svetlana Spremovic-Radjenovic (RS)

Tailored surgical therapy in young patients in cervcial cancer - saving reproductive function

Aleksandar Stefanovic (RS)

The true risks of HRT

John Stevenson (GB)

HRT: optimal treatment for osteoporosis prevention

John Stevenson (GB)

Rare variants and risk of Preterm Birth

Jerome Strauss (US)

Functional analysis of PCOS genes

Jerome Strauss (US)

VESICOVAGINAL FISTULA; New trends and management.An experience of 25 cases in Gynae B Unit of Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad

Ruqqia Sultana (PK)

The agonistic autoantibodies to the angiotensin II type 1 receptor in pregnancies complicated by hypertensive disorders

Agata Szpera-Gozdziewicz (PL)


Physiologic Labour Pain Management and Effect of Oral Date Syrup: a Randomized Clinical trial, Year 2014- 2015

Simin Taavoni (IR)

Vitrification does not alter ultrastructure of human oocyte cumulus cells

Neda Taghizabet (IR)

UA=UAE? Ulipristal Acetate. Multifactorial mechanisms of action.

Alexander Tikhomirov (RU)

Post-combined hormonal contraception (CHC) amenorrhea: our experience

Lara Tiranini (IT)

Case Report: Delivery of a healthy baby using fresh semen sample after less than 2 years post chemotherapy treatment

Chiou Fen Carine To (SG)

Influence of donor semen on the incidence of placental failure after insemination.

María Alejandra Torres Afonso (ES)

A randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, two-arm, multicenter Phase III study comparing the efficacy, safety and tolerability of oral dydrogesterone 30 mg daily (10 mg TID) versus intravaginal micronized progesterone 600 mg daily (200 mg TID) for luteal support in in-vitro fertilization (Lotus I study)

Herman Tournaye (BE)

Endometrial microbiotop of women with unsuccessful attempts of in vitro fertilization and chronic endometritis

Natalia Tsypurdeeva (RU)

Myometrium defects occurred after conservative treatment of uterine fibroid. A report of 4 cases.

Marat Tugushev (RU)

Clinical-economic effectiveness the different methods of uterine fibroids treatment

Ainur Tuletova (KZ)

The comparative efficacy of different methods of cervical incompetence treatment.

Ainur Tuletova (KZ)


Further evidence for a role of human growth hormone (hGH) in the control of penile erection in the adult male

Stefan Ückert (DE)

Short cervix as a risk factor of preterm delivery

Talshyn Ukybassova (KZ)

Effectiveness of short cervix correction in women at risk

Talshyn Ukybassova (KZ)


Assessment of exon 8 of DPY19L2 gene in patients with total & partial globozoospermia

Nastaran Vahabi Barzi (IR)

Septin 14 expression level is critical for human spermatogenesis

Nastaran Vahabi Barzi (IR)

Evaluation of genetic alterations in exons 3 and 28 of SPEF2 gene in infertile men with short tail sperm

Nastaran Vahabi Barzi (IR)

Impact of patient age and day of vitrification on the result of “freeze all” strategy

Lyuboslava Valkova (BG)

The association between hormonal contraceptives and migraine headache

Melinda Vanya (HU)

Hysteroscopic metroplasty in an acquired T-shaped uterus secondary to a multiple myomectomy: video report.

Ana Vegas Carrillo De Albornoz (ES)

Evolutionary Perspective for Human Reproduction of Vaginal Microflora Dysbiosis

Gary Ventolini (US)

Little information is provided for cancer patients from their oncologists: a national survey in Iran

Samira Vesali (IR)

Role of carnitines and nutrients in oocyte quality and pregnancy success.

Snezana Vidakovic (RS)

Diabetes Mellitus disrupts the sexual steroid milieu during pregnancy: effects of Type 2 (T2D) and gestational diabetes (GD) on Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels of their offspring

Claudio Villarroel (CL)

Vitamin D deficiency is not related to insulin resistance in normal weight PCOS women

Ioana Virtej (GR)

Type II Diabetes and Gynecological Cancer-what is the link?

Ioana Virtej (GR)

Effect of specific nutrients on ovulation, oocytes development, gene expression and coupling success in mice

Patricia Vitullo (NL)


Risk factors of preeclampsia in infertile Chinese women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective cohort study

Hexia Xia (CN)

Neural therapy for treatment of endometriosis

Pinar Yalcin Bahat (TR)


Treatment of Piriformis Syndrome with Neuraltheraphy in Chronic Pelvic Pain

Pinar Yalcin Bahat (TR)

Approach to combined treatment of endometriosis with aromatase inhibitors and progestogens

Maria Yarmolinskaya (RU)

Efficacy of selective progesterone receptor modulator in patients with uterine fibroids

Maria Yarmolinskaya (RU)


Anti -Müllerian hormone in Adolescent women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Irina E. Zazerskaya (RU)

Vitamin D metabolism in preeclampsia

Irina E. Zazerskaya (RU)

Dydrogesterone treatment for menstrual-cycle regularization in abnormal uterine bleeding – ovulation dysfunction (AUB-O) patients: a prospective observational study

Wei Zhang (CN)

Options of Hormone Replacement Therapy effect on female’s self-rating at perimenopause

Nazgul Zhilgeldina (KZ)

Maternal and perinatal outcomes in women with diabetes in the Latvian population 2011-2015

Irisa Zile (LV)

Trends of low birth weight among timely birth and association with maternal age

Irisa Zile (LV)

Interaction between Candida and Lactobacillus species in patients with fungal vaginitis and healthy individuals.

Kamiar Zomorodian (IR)

Antifungal activities of the essential oils from Iranian aromatic plants against common causes of vaginal candidiasis

Kamiar Zomorodian (IR)

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) with or without endometriosis: outcomes on 109 laparoscopically treated women

Carlotta Zorzi (IT)

Professional and personal challenges and difficulties of the medical/healthcare staff in Hungary regarding pre- and perinatal infant death

Eva Zsak (HU)

Combined pregravidal preparation of women with uterine infertility and miscarriage before IVF.

Vladimir Zuev (RU)

Evaluation of fluorescent rapid diagnosis of the endometrium in the complex preparation for pregnancy and program IVF.

Vladimir Zuev (RU)